Field trip dieback site scan w/ Cris Brack

Site of a Fenner field trip investigating possible causes of Eucalypt dieback in Berridale, NSW

Growth Capsule 1A interior

Sample scan of the inside of an APPF Growth Capsule

Kioloa Coastline

Beach near the ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus, NSW, Australia

Kioloa Forest Edge

Forest edge on the ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus, NSW, Australia

Linnaeus Building Interior

Internal office area scan of the Linnaeus building using Zeb Horizon LIDAR

NCRIS PGF + tray scan room

Internal lab area scan of the NCRIS Plant Growth Facility and APPF wet lab in the Linnaeus building, using Zeb Horizon LIDAR

Sorghum Root reconstruction - Topp lab

Fine 3D scan of Sorghum roots, from the Topp Lab

Square Rock

Square Rock site for the Australian Mountain Research Facility (AMRF) project